What Is A Good Parent

What is a very good parent protection software for the internet or where I can go for reviews? I’m considering moving the computer into my teen’s room and if I do this, I want a very good parent protection software. Continue reading

All Kids Health Insurance

How much should the man have to help when both parents work?? Ok- here is another side of the question – since you all seem to think I am not doing my share. I do ALL the cooking, ALL the Continue reading

Parenting Tools

Parent Coaching Advice by Randy Cale 5 Stop the Kids from Arguing One of the most consistent drains on our energy and our enthusiasm is to live in a world where kids are constantly arguing. They argue about bedtime. They Continue reading

What Make A Good Parent

Do Aries, Libras, and Sagittarius Sign People Make Good Parents? Aries usually have fiery tempers, can be stubborn, only their opinions matter, blunt, violent, and selfish most of the time – Can this affect their Parenting skills? Libras usually are Continue reading

Good Presents For Parents

Best Parenting Technique Discipline is one area I lag behind, I don’t know why it is so hard for me. The only way I can get kids to behave is to say “Wait till your father gets home!” & that doesn’t always Continue reading

Parent Groups

Anyone know of and young parent groups? Does anyone know of any young parent groups in Surrey?? I get pretty lonely at home, as my boyfriend is out at work, and I can’t go to see my Mum as she Continue reading