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Money, Credit, & Greed: 8 Tips Parents Must Teach Their Children One thing that our educational system fails to teach is financial literacy. As important as subjects such as humanities and biochemistry are, for example, the reality is that to Continue reading

Health Tips For Kids

5 Great Fitness and Health Tips Keeping healthy is extremely important, no matter what age you happen to be. It’s imperative that you take measures to work on your health and fitness throughout your entire life. Wondering where you can Continue reading

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Any good articles about Parent’s too involved in their childs sport because I can only find one? I need some news worthy newspaper online articles about parents too involved in their child’s sport. Any help appreciated I googled for sport Continue reading

Parenting Techniques

What are some Parenting techniques..? for a parent who has a child in the pre-operational stage? (Ages 2-7) Like how can you discipline the child, or some fun activities you could give them. Thank you! My discipline method of choice Continue reading

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ADHD Behavior Therapy and Good Parenting In Great Britain the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence is now strongly recommending that ADHD behaviour therapy should be tried first, rather than dosing kids with doubtful ADHD drugs. Behaviour therapy or Continue reading