Good Parenting Books

Do you know some good Parenting books for young children who have serious behavior issues? 5-7 year old boys who talk back 100% of the time, are completely disrespectful, deliberately disobey when told off, throw fits 100% of the time, Continue reading

Kids Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes – Create More Healthy Recipes with Herbs and Spices Herbs and spices are key ingredients in the creation of healthy recipes that you and your family will want to continue eating time and time again. Whether you are Continue reading

Bad Parenting

can bad Parenting be blamed for teenage depression? I am doing an investigation report for school, and my investigation is based on ‘teenage depression’…. So what I am really looking for is people’s opinions. So to what extend can bad Continue reading

Parenting Quotes

Any quotes or sayings your parents used to say? Just wondering if there are any serious or even funny quotes or sayings about life that your parents used to say that stuck with you through life. I can hear my Continue reading

Parenting News

Be cautious about world news to cover everything Sports news has often ridiculed such examples, mocking selection committees for the bias they get themselves involved into. Similarly, there are cases of acting profession where sons/daughters are compared in skills and Continue reading

Parenting Quotes

Life Quotes about Moving On It is very well known that sometimes we might feel stuck in our life and we just can not move on to the next step. Hopefully this great collection of Life Quotes About Moving On Continue reading