Parenting Advice For Toddlers

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parenting advice for toddlers
What is the worst Parenting advice you have ever received?

I have been given a lot of parenting advice over the years and have even tried some of the suggestions. I have since learned to just trust my own instincts. What I want to know is what is the worst or craziest advice you’ve ever been given, and did you try it?

hehehe, I get so much bad advice all the time! But the ones that always take the cake come from my MIL. For instance, keep a baby in a playpen all day without picking them up and never let them learn to crawl so that they are easier to manage, only let them out when they have learnt to stand and walk and knock the playpen over! Can you believe that!!! Or how about, tying a toddler into a cot to stop them throwing the bed clothes off so that you don’t need to have heating going all night. I think that she was lucky that laws were so lenient 40 odd years ago. With some of the things older women have told me to do, its a wonder any of us made it out of childhood alive! haha.

Toddler Parenting Advice : How to Cope With a Clingy Toddler

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