Oral Health For Kids

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oral health for kids
Would it be bad for my health if I mixed mint leaves with tobacco?

So most of the kids at my school take weed and mix it with their cigarettes. I would rather mix mint leaves, because here in Spain they don’t have my brand, just something like it, and it is less minty. Is this a bad idea?

Quit Chewing Tobacco Today!
Chewing is one of the oldest ways of consuming tobacco leaves. Native Americans in both North and South America chewed the leaves of the plant, frequently mixed with lime.
Now the problem… Smokeless tobacco contains 28 cancer-causing agents (carcinogens). It is a known cause of human cancer, as it increases the risk of developing cancer of the oral cavity.
However, many smokeless tobacco users have quit successfully – and so can you. Your family doctor can help you quit.

Children’s Oral Health – Tooth Fairy

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