Kaiser Kids Health Plan

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Health insurance how does it work?

My girlfriend is 23 years old and is looking for insurance with kaiser. each plan says a deductible like 3,000 and its $122 a month with $40 copay. so she pays $122 a month and 40 each office visit right. so what is the deductible for? some say 30 per visit after deductible or no pay after deductible? what does this mean?

You have to pay the first $3000.00 before insurance will pay anything, so the monthly payments you make the $122.00 a month basically gets flushed down the toilet. This is where the greedy insurance companies makes their money. So lets say you are paying these premiums the $122.00 a month, she goes into the hospital and the bill ends up being $5000.00, she is responsible for the first $3000.00 then the insurance will pay part of the remaining balance. This is so high because you and I being tax payers have to pay for the illegals here and the people that are on welfare, and lets not forget the Haiti people, we are paying for that too, and the kids that are coming into this country the 200 that are going into homes…..we are paying for that too.

Kaiser Permanente Crimes Attempted Premeditated Homicide

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