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I want to start feeding my family organic?

I have just learned some very scary info about GMO’s and other processed foods. Could you give me some advice? I can’t do it all at once because I know it will cost more but I would like to make a gradual transition for the health and well being of my family. What are the most important foods to stay away from? How can I make this change easy for one of my very picky eaters? Are their any web sites for kids that will help them understand why this change is important? Is there a such thing as organic hamburger meat?

There are certain foods that it would be wise to go organic on, and other foods where it isn’t quite so necessary. So I’ll just give a brief guide for what would be better to buy organic and what doesn’t necessarily need to be organic.


Anything grown out of the country:
Personally, I think anything grown out of the country should be avoided completely. Things like coffee (ESPECIALLY coffee) should be bought organic, as the regulations for growing in certain places (especially Central and South america) are much more lax than elsewhere.

Dairy Products:
Recently, it has come out that even though many people claim to be lactose intolerant, there are few people who actually are lactose intolerant. In reality, these people who seem to be allergic to dairy are actually allergic to the hormones and antibiotics injected in cattle.

Anything leafy or where the fruits of the plant are out in the open:
Lettuce, Cabbage, broccoli, beans, etc, all should be bought organic. The leaves of the lettuce/cabbage, beans, and broccoli are all left out in the open to be sprayed by pesticides, so many of them wind up getting pesticides on them that could be harmful to humans. Same with potatoes, fungicides have perfect access to things like potatoes

Things that don’t need to be bought organic:

Mostly, anything with a thick skin. Most citrus fruits have skins so thick that pestides don’t actually get through to the fruit, meaning that it isn’t quite so necessary to find them.

Frankly, NOW is the time to be switching to organic. Supermarkets are starting to recognize that people want organic produce, and they’re trying to find ways to cut the prices. At the supermarket where I shop in New York (Wegmans, which is found in most of the breadbasket states), cherries can be bought for 3.99 at the organic price, which is the SAME for the regular cherries!

The Safe Schools / Healthy Students (SS/HS) Initiative

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